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We are

Authentic user experience campaigns across all touchpoints. In this area, we have been among the avant-garde in Germany for more than 10 years. Our multi award-winning creations stand out through smart user journeys and excellent designs.

We prefer being a motor to jumping on a bandwagon. 
We are borntocreate.

We gear up for every project with agility to deliver the maximum return on investment, regardless of the project size. If the aim is clear, we will pave the way.


Creations from our company have been repeatedly acknowledged with international awards – including Mobile Excellence Award by Google, TheFWA, Awwwards Nomination, and Site Of The Day (Awwwards).

Welcome to the jungle

We receive our clients in a jungle-inspired atmosphere. The nature theme promotes freedom from stress and daily routine and a clearer focus on what's to come. The snow-white reception desk and company label with their clear edges put the "overgrown" walls into stark relief.

Get coffee, get social

We love contrasts. From the jungle, you come directly to our colourful social lounge with a sofa to sink into, a TV with games consoles, a bar to chat and snack, a fridge with a varying selection of beverages as well as the prerequisite coffee maker for specialities from latte to hot chocolate.

Into the dark

As mentioned previously, we love contrasts. This is why it gets dark next door. In the conference room, concepts, design studies, and finished products are perfectly brought to life. The black carpet, the black walls, the black sound absorbing elements, and the studio lamp create a studio-like atmosphere, so there is no distraction when the presentation on the big screen begins. Only the LED lamps bathe the room in a subtle accent colour when desired, e.g. the client's CI colour.

Get comfy

The moss-green huddle beckons you from a distance, with green spikes guiding the way from the corridor to the cozy leather sofa with TV. Here, the jungle theme reigns again, this time in the form of green felt wallpaper and a photo wallpaper with plants and colourful birds. The perfect place for a sit-down, checking emails, or a tête-à-tête.

State of the art

In this large bright room, our art directors can creatively get their freak on. The large and playful 80s style photo wallpaper is fun and awe-inspiring, with its arcade video game machine and an audio cassette with the handwritten label "Never stop playing", which is also a philosophy of life – although some of our creators have only read of cassettes from their parents. In contrast, the opposite wall consists of simple rectangular fibreboards in different shades of gray – symbolising that every creative process ends in the very essence of it.

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Market is a battlefield

borntocreate gives you the necessary backing.

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Compelling user & customer experience

We establish touchpoints at strategic locations – in the virtual and physical space – to escort users safely to their destination. From high-gloss to guerrilla marketing.

  • Concerted online and offline campaigns
  • Web design
  • Content creation
  • Story telling
  • Photo/video production, audio design
  • Image films

Strategical consulting & business innovation

We create new business models and utilise the benefits of the digital transformation by streamlining business processes. We make ideation workshops for boosting customer experience. Using content/performance marketing, we create measurable results through the right mix of media, stories, and channels.

  • Digitisation & digital transformation
  • Business models
  • Consumer insights
  • Ideation workshops
  • (Digital) strategy
  • Content/performance marketing

High impact branding

We bring brands to life. We immerse ourselves into the target persons and develop holistic brand strategies which lead to sustainable results. Brands first, products second.

  • Brand strategy
  • Corporate identity
  • Art direction
  • Interior design
  • Experience design

Indomitable web and mobile apps

We utilise latest digital technologies, where they have the edge over the analogue ones – always with the objectives optimisation, simplification, and a seamless user flow. With pointed surprise effects.

  • Web development
  • App development
  • CMS (Wordpress etc.)
  • E-commerce
  • Process digitisation

Step 1 Briefing

In a first workshop, we will discuss the current state, objectives and opportunities. Budget, schedule and KPI’s are being defined.

Step 2 Battle plan

We elaborate a detailed plan to achieve the objectives and return on investment as fast as possible.

Step 3 Attack!

We implement the plan, march into battle, fight for the desired outcome and keep the progress under surveillance.

Are you ready?

We cordially invite you for an initial briefing meet up with a coffee, beer, or whisky – depending on how critical the situation is.



Florian Felter

Florian Felter is founder and Managing Director of borntocreate and other digital ventures. Furthermore, he is an advisory panel member in several ventures of different industries.

For more than 15 years he has made creations, some of which were internationally awarded – including with theFWA and Awwwards. His extensive experience in creation, design & development can be found in top brands like Gillette, Coca-Cola, Disney, and REWE.

Spin-offs from his hand include SaaS products in the catering & beauty industries as well as the joint venture of a large eCommerce platform on the German-speaking market. Since 2017, he has acted as a start-up investor with a focus on UX platforms.

Markus Winkler

Markus Winkler is Managing Director of borntocreate as well as a founder and investor of ventures in several industries.

For 30 years, he has built up businesses with up to 400 employees. In 2015, he sold his temporary employment agency Sempart to the Expertum Group.

Markus is a strong partner in terms of corporate consulting due to over 30 years of experience in sales & distribution in the real estate, HR, software and hardware industries as well as sport events with 5000+ visitors.

He is committed as a mentor in start-up events. Furthermore, he is a jury member of the start-up seminar on the Technische Universität Darmstadt. Since 2017, he has acted as an investor & managing partner for two worldwide social media platforms.


Are you a Digital Avenger?

As a multi award-winning agency for user experience design, development & branding, we are always looking for new talent. Here you won’t get just a job – you can also become part of something bigger. With your experiences and hands on attitude, you can work on large projects with renowned international clients.

For almost a decade we have been developing smart user journeys, distinguished creations, and wow moments for our clients – always using the latest digital technologies and possibilities. We have built up an international team which realises innovative and thrilling projects for our clients. You want to be part of it?

Our job offers

We are always looking for new talent in different areas. What counts for us are motivation and skills, not titles. It's worth to take a look!



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