borntocreate joins the GWA: Another milestone

We are very pleased to make a significant announcement: borntocreate is now an official member of the German Association of Communication Agencies (GWA). This admission marks a further step in our development and opens new doors for future opportunities and collaborations. We are also convinced that borntocreate will enrich the GWA with our expertise and innovative approaches.


What is the GWA?

The German Association of Communication Agencies (GWA) is the leading association of communication agencies in Germany. It was founded in 1986 and represents the interests of the industry vis-à-vis politics, business and the public. The GWA is committed to quality, professionalism and innovation in the communications industry. It promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience among its members and supports them in the further development of their skills and services.

With over 100 member agencies, the GWA is one of the most important institutions in the German communications industry. Members benefit from a broad network, exclusive industry information, further training opportunities and numerous events that promote exchange and cooperation.


Access to a strong network

Membership of the GWA is a further seal of quality that confirms our high level of professionalism and expertise in the communications industry. Membership of the GWA gives borntocreate access to an extensive network of leading communications agencies in Germany. This enables the exchange of ideas, best practices and innovative approaches, which benefits the industry as a whole.
In addition to industry-specific events, the GWA offers its members extensive support in various areas, from legal issues to the latest market analyses and trends.



The inclusion of borntocreate in the GWA is a significant step that opens up new opportunities and resources for us. We are proud to be part of this prestigious association and look forward to a fruitful exchange. Stay tuned for further developments that lie ahead!