The borntocreate team at the J.P. Morgan Lauf 2024 in Frankfurt

The J.P. Morgan Run is the world’s largest corporate running event, which is held in various cities. Every year, hundreds of company teams from all over the region compete against each other in Frankfurt. This year, the run celebrated its 30th anniversary and the borntocreate team was proud to be part of this prestigious event once again.


Preparing for the big day

Preparation for the J.P. Morgan run began for us weeks before the actual event. An important element of our preparation was the design of our team T-shirts. After several joint brainstorming sessions and drafts, it was finally decided. In the spirit of the J.P. Morgan run, creativity and fun were also at the forefront of the design – and of course the pizza that was the reward afterwards. But by the time the printed T-shirts arrived, even the last team member realized that things were about to get serious. Some team members even arranged to go jogging privately to prepare themselves physically.


The day of the run

June 5th finally arrived and the weather was perfect: cloudy and not too warm – ideal conditions for the run. The streets of Frankfurt were filled with the energy and cheers of almost 60,000 runners and their supporters. It was an impressive sight and a special feeling to be part of this mass of motivated people.
Our team consisted not only of the eight runners, but also of four enthusiastic supporters who actively supported us. They provided refreshments and cheered us on at various points along the route. Their support was a great help and motivated us to do our best.
The 5.6-kilometre course took us through Frankfurt city center. Each of us gave our best and in the end all our runners successfully made it to the finish line. The joy and pride of having completed the run together as a team was overwhelming. It was an unforgettable experience that further strengthened our team spirit.


Eating pizza together

After the run, we deserved a reward. And so we ended the day together at the Isoletta restaurant in Frankfurt’s Palmengarten with pizza, pasta and a beer or two. It was the perfect end to a successful day where we could look back on our joint achievement. We will remember it for a long time to come.
But as the saying goes: after the run is before the run. We are already looking forward to next year and will definitely be back with a highly motivated team!