Game changer for small businesses: the borntocreate method as an online workshop

Whether it’s inflation, a shortage of skilled workers or tough competition in online retail, small businesses today face numerous challenges that are often difficult to overcome. For more than a decade, we have been gathering insights from various industries and have developed a deep understanding of these problems.


The idea

It all started with the observation that while many small business owners offer great products and services, they struggle to maintain or sustainably increase their sales. There are many reasons for this: lack of marketing knowledge, insufficient online presence, competition from online stores or ineffective sales strategies. The idea was to develop a comprehensive video workshop that would close these gaps and provide entrepreneurs with practical tools and techniques.


Market research and needs assessment

Before we could start planning the workshop, it was important to identify the actual needs. We analyzed the biggest challenges and needs of small business owners in different industries to define the relevant content. The results were clear: there was a great need for practical training in the areas of marketing, positioning, alignment, sales and customer loyalty.


Planning and implementation

With these findings in mind, we began planning the workshop.
Our aim was to provide small businesses with concrete strategies and tools to increase sales. It was important to us that the content was easy to understand, could be implemented directly and did not require a large budget.
With the help of a few brainstorming sessions, we came up with many ideas, which we then structured together and formulated in an easy-to-understand way. We were able to contribute our knowledge from over 12 years of agency experience and support for a wide range of clients to the development process. The content of the workshop was divided into six consecutive modules, each of which makes an important contribution to maximizing sales. These include

  • Analysis of potential through comprehensive positioning
  • Creating and sharpening the brand identity
  • Increasing sales through accessibility and visibility
  • Strategies for acquiring new customers
  • Employee recruitment and process optimization
  • Understanding and perfecting CX/UX

Once the planning was complete, it was time for implementation. To this end, we developed the individual modules by creating the corresponding slides and work materials.
We presented the workshops to various small businesses on a trial basis in order to check and optimize the comprehensibility and relevance of the content. Some things were deepened, others were deleted, so that gradually a coherent workshop was created.

At the same time, we designed our own online store with a login area and an integrated video platform. We paid attention to a user-friendly UX and an appealing design that matched our own CI. The platform allows users to watch the videos at their own pace and access the content multiple times if required.
We filmed the videos with our partner agency OHA! Visuals. Over several intensive days of filming in the studio in Mannheim, we produced high-quality video recordings in which we explain the concepts and strategies.
Each module ends with concrete recommendations for action that can be implemented directly without prior knowledge. In addition, accompanying materials are provided to facilitate implementation.


The starting signal

After intensive preparation, the time had finally come: the video workshop was published on our platform. To publicize the workshop, we ran a targeted marketing campaign on social media.
The response was overwhelmingly positive. Participants particularly appreciated the practical tips and the opportunity to go through and implement the content at their own pace.



Developing and implementing a workshop for small business owners was an exciting and rewarding challenge. The success of the workshop shows that there is a great need for practice-oriented training. For us, it was a valuable experience that showed us how important it is to respond to the needs of the target group and how crucial a coherent overall concept is.
If you are a small business owner, the strategies in this workshop can help you too. Just take a look! Together we can set the course for your entrepreneurial success!