Google Consent Mode: What is it and why should it be implemented?

In the digital age, data protection is a key concern for users. Google Consent Mode is Google’s answer to ensuring data protection on the one hand and obtaining valuable analytics data on the other. This blog article explains what Google Consent Mode is, why it should be implemented and how borntocreate can help.


Google Consent Mode is a Google feature that allows websites to customize the collection of data based on user consent. In other words, the way in which data is collected and used can be flexibly designed based on the individual preferences of website visitors.


When a user visits a website, they can choose whether or not to consent to data collection via the cookie banner. Google Consent Mode then adjusts the functionality of Google tags such as Google Analytics and Google Ads. If consent is not given, the tags will continue to be executed, but in a way that does not collect any personal data. Instead, aggregated and anonymized data is collected that still provides valuable insights.


GDPR compliance: A key reason for implementing Google Consent Mode is to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This European regulation stipulates that personal data may only be collected with the express consent of the user. Google Consent Mode helps companies to meet these requirements and avoid fines.

Building trust: Implementing Google Consent Mode signals to users that their privacy is taken seriously. This can strengthen trust in the brand and lead to greater customer loyalty. Responsible handling of data is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage in the digital world.

Preserving valuable data: Despite GDPR restrictions, Google Consent Mode still enables the collection of important data that is crucial for optimizing marketing strategies and improving the user experience. By tailoring data collection to user consent, companies can ensure that they can still make informed decisions.

Personalized marketing and remarketing: Another key benefit of Google Consent Mode is the ability to continue running personalized campaigns and remarketing campaigns on Google. Without user consent, such campaigns can no longer be carried out to their full extent. Google Consent Mode is therefore mandatory to ensure the effectiveness of online marketing strategies and to enable targeted advertising.


borntocreate helps with implementation

borntocreate can integrate Google Consent Mode into any website to help ensure that data protection requirements are met. This ensures that the website is up to date in terms of data protection and continues to meet the conditions for displaying personalized ads and remarketing ads.



Google Consent Mode is an essential feature for website owners who value privacy and user data. By implementing this technology, companies can act in compliance with GDPR, strengthen the trust of their users and continue to collect valuable data. In addition, Consent Mode is mandatory in order to continue running personalized campaigns and remarketing campaigns on Google. borntocreate offers the necessary expertise and support to successfully integrate Google Consent Mode.