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medicross makes it possible to carry out intolerance and micronutrient tests for humans and pets from the comfort of your own home. All it takes is a strand of hair. Everything runs digitally, from purchase to dispatch of the results. As an add-on, medicross creates customised nutrient formulas based on these results. medicross also shares inspiring and informative content for the community on various social media channels.


Come a little closer, please.

We are giving medicross a modern makeover: in lower case for greater accessibility and without “labs” for a leaner, more memorable appearance. Easier to remember, easier to pronounce – simply closer to the user.

Figurative mark

Gluten-free organic branding

For the rebranding, we orientated ourselves somewhat on the previous branding for recognition value. However, the serene symmetrical shapes of the figurative mark have now given way to flowing, organic shapes. medicross is thus leaving its laboratory environment behind.

Colour world

Science meets wellbeing

The basic colour “Lab” reflects the clarity and precision of science, clean and future-oriented. The deep “Trust” colour lends an aura of reliability, tradition and seriousness. With “Peach”, we set a lively accent that symbolises vitality and health and acts as a visual energy boost.

Icon world

The common thread in the story

The specially developed icon world brings the medicross website and print materials to life. The icons, highly recognisable, natural and somewhat playful, are the common thread that guides users through the entire medicross storytelling.

New website

Check it out!

All roads lead to the checkout. And along the way, users receive all the relevant information they need in text and images to reach their destination without any hurdles. Everything is digital – the purchase of the test and the dispatch of the results. Only the strand of hair needs to be cut with real scissors and sent by post. Based on the test results, a personalised nutrient formula can be ordered directly as an add-on. And all this is available in five different languages.

Content writing styleguide

The brand as a personality

Many content writers write for medicross on many channels, whether website, print media or social media. To ensure that the tonality and target group approach remain consistent, we have defined them in a content writing style guide. This gives the brand its own unmistakable personality.