Reichsrat von Buhl

Client since 2020
Awards 3
  • UI Design CSS Design Awards
  • UX Design CSS Design Awards
  • Innovation CSS Design Awards
Applied skills
  • Brand & CI Design
  • Content Creation
  • Dienstleisterkoordination
  • eCommerce
  • Foto & Video Production
  • Performance Marketing
  • Print & Offline Design
  • Storytelling
  • Web Design & Development

Centuries-old wine tradition presented in a contemporary way. Reichsrat von Buhl, a world-famous winery from the Palatinate region founded in 1849, has risen to this challenge. Known for top wines, even by greats such as Otto von Bismarck, the aim was a sensitive rebranding. We seamlessly combined tradition and modernity in an appealing UX design: sophisticated branding, a user-friendly online shop, captivating storytelling and an interactive website with 3D animations and video production.


Elegance in minimalism

The essentials were extracted from the previous, very delicate word mark: the lion, based on the Palatinate heraldic animal. The minimalist but elegant design language of the new logo symbolises concentration on the essentials and the combination of tradition and modernity.

There are no coincidences in logo design. All dimensions and spacing within the logo are interdependent. This creates a “calculated harmony”.

In combination with the CI colour “Charcoal”, the logo appears harmonious, discreet and elegant.

Colour world

From earthly to heavenly

The CI colour scheme picks up on earthy colours in contrast to sky blue. The brown tones stand for the connection with the ground and nature, the blue tones for elegance and enjoyment. The brand is always depicted in the context of matt, muted, natural colours to underline the discreet, calm aura.

The “Spectral” font is used for headlines and stand-alone text elements. The serif font emphasises the time-honoured, traditional and high quality of the brand.

The “Karla” font, which is used for continuous text for better readability, builds a bridge to modernity.

Animated website

Immersive user experience with moments of surprise

On the completely newly developed website, visitors are greeted by an amination with growing vines on an earthy background. The website appears clear and uncluttered, although it also offers a wealth of information – from the history of the winery to wines and vineyards as 3D models to public events at the winery.

Communication material

Visible everywhere

borntocreate created numerous communication materials in the new CI, from high-quality business cards and vouchers to jerseys for the regional football club sponsored by Reichsrat von Buhl.

Image film

Ungeheuer, Pechstein and Kirchenstück…

borntocreate provided storytelling, production, post-production and sound for the image film. It picks up on the impressive history of the winery. The footage was shot over the course of a day at the winery, in the historic wine cellar and in the vineyard – also using a drone. Here is the result.