Suter Technologies

Client since 2022
Applied skills
  • Brand & CI Design
  • Content Creation
  • Informationsarchitektur
  • Web Design & Development

A lot of hot air was involved in this mission. This is because the Swiss company Suter brings it to where it is needed with its highly developed mobile pellet heating systems. With the new branding concept, created by borntocreate, the image was shifted away from the classic heating provider to a platform for mobile energy that offers its customers a smooth, carefree rental service - also thanks to digitalised processes from planning to remote maintenance. borntocreate not only developed the website, but also comprehensive web-based software for sales partners to plan and manage customer projects and maintain heating systems remotely.


A pellet silo does not drip

The new logo focuses entirely on the pellet/silo theme. The previous drop-shaped logo had to make way for this. The redesign appears more minimalist, as an expression of the simplicity of the platform, and more forward-looking in conjunction with the font.

Colour world

No coincidences in the colour scheme

The contrasting colours of the CI – Cold Blue and Heated Orange – stand for the cold, and the warmth that Suter heating solutions emit. In combination with Coated White, they simultaneously convey seriousness, performance and scientificity.

A futuristic font was chosen for headlines with a strong message: The name “Nasalisation” stands for itself. This emphasises the future-oriented and scientific focus of the brand.

For body text, we rely on a traditional minimalist font with a serious character for good readability.


New website

Packed with functions and tidy at the same time

The look, navigation and approach of the new website UX correspond to the attributes of the brand: sustainability, flexibility, simplicity and transparency. The user is guided almost seamlessly through the compact information. The focal point of the user journey is always the contact options and the interactive project planner – all in three languages and in different currencies.

3D animation

Dry topic – visually appealing

3D models illustrate the flexible use and smooth operation of the heating modules, from planning, delivery and installation to automatic refilling. Naturally, all energy-generating Suter components stand out thanks to the warm orange colour of the CI.


borntocreate provided the storyboard, production, post-production and soundtrack for the image film. The protagonist: a 2.3 tonne heating module that travels through different worlds. The message: Suter brings warmth to where it is needed.

The heating module was delivered to the studio by lorry and forklift truck, illuminated in front of a large green screen and filmed from various perspectives to create the animation later. An original astronaut suit was hired for the moon scene.