Brand Experiences & Design

Branding, corporate identity, communication / copy, customer experience

Blue or green, round or square? Not a matter of taste.

Data-based design

Not interested in pretty pictures

For us, design is explainable. Decisions make sense or are pointless. Successful or for the bin. As pioneers at heart, we have been helping to define industry standards for 10 years – testing new buttons and brand characters, researching target groups and associations. We know what works and what doesn’t – with an uncreative and proven plan for high-calibre creative output, we are often a role model for how to do it right.

More than brand design

3 proposals and still no target?

Brands need to be liked. We develop emotions in an unemotional way for the right outcome. We colour you the way your audience likes it. We speak the way your customer’s mate speaks and offer him a cold beer. We make decisions based on data and associations. One shot that hits the mark and no 3 ricochets.

Key values

  • Data-based
  • Target group-optimised
  • Sustainable

“Nobody gets up in the morning and colours a brand blue because it looks nice.”

Laura-Jil Heim Creative Lead

Not art – but design

Passionate with an ear to the main artery of design history, we can tell you about the rise and fall of Flash, the death of Swiper and the war between Adobe XD and Figma.

Now once again in order

Our creatives specialise in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Branding & corporate design/identity

    Brand concept based on positioning and target groups, derivation and visualisation, corporate design, colour scheme, typography, logo

  • UI/UX design

    Best practice UI & UX design or development of entire design systems, validation, studies, concepts, user journeys

  • Phase communication

    Communication per customer cycle phase, persona and product

  • Styleguide / brandbook

    Development of CI & content writing style guides

  • Print – layout / final artwork

    Creation of digital artwork, business stationery, etc.

  • Printing control

    Planning/coordination of print production

  • Content/copy

    Creation and editing of texts, advertising copy, image content, videos & final artwork, translations

  • Print production

    Control and quality management – with external partners

Medium, small, large

Passionate ideas and sophisticated output.

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