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Analysis & strategy

More questions – more answers

We find the answers to the questions that brought you to our website. We base our design decisions and processes on data, not just trial and error. We believe in empiricism without ecstasy. We remain sober and consistent, honest as entrepreneurs in your company. We are the strategy guy that the boss bought in at a high price, but who pays off handsomely.

Strategic consulting

Data-based decisions

We only associate gut feeling with diarrhoea. We want to create hard facts – empirical foundations so that business-critical decisions no longer cause stomach ache. Foundations that turn into brands free of knotholes with high-growth communication.

key values

  • Holistically strategic
  • Empiricism instead of ecstasy
  • Not a matter of taste

“If you don’t have a plan, you’re just trying things out and paying for trial and error.”

Florian Felter CEO / Creative & Strategy

Target group observation with Hubble telescope

We run after your users and note where they stumble, observe and analyse what they don’t like and why they find the others more attractive. We play the little person in the ear of your target group who says: Do it! Naturally ethical for everyone.

Now once again in order

We obtain the necessary data, analyse and evaluate it. We build the right strategy with clear processes – a.k.a:

  • Brand positioning

    A clear process for developing the business model canvas, DNA, mission/vision, brand character/attributes etc. as the basis for business-critical decisions

  • Target group analysis

    Insight research on needs, pain points, goals, demographic & sociographic characteristics, profiles & attributes

  • Psychological personas

    In-depth analysis of personas – psychological character profile for the development of the ideal communication approach – desires, trigger points, emotions

  • UX analysis at wireframe level
    (Level 1-3)

    From automated studies and virtual interviews to elaborate video observations

  • KPI management

    Data management and development of management dashboards including data procurement, analysis and consulting

  • Performance analysis for communication &  Ads

    A/B test study on visuals, ads and communication on various platforms

  • Tracking

    Tracking implementation, video tracking, user & analysis data, customer information, concepts for capturing insights from other sources

  • Competitor analysis

    Brand visibility index and website visitors incl. demographic and sociographic breakdown, analysis of organic, paid & social activities/traffic, visual and communicative analysis for up to three competitors in comparison with your own brand

  • Funnel strategy

    Development of funnel strategies for products and target groups on various platforms and channels

  • Brand audit

    C-level workshop on the current evaluation of the brand identity

  • Infrastructure health monitoring

    Automated uptime, speed and functionality checks so that users don’t run into nothing

  • LinkedIn personal branding

    Profile analysis, automation and reach generation, content strategy, insights and improvement of the Social Selling Index

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