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Websites, ecommerce, user experience, digitisation

Skills for the championship

For sustainable and economical results

Technology of this afternoon

For us, PASCAL is just the name of the coffee machine. For us, tomorrow’s technologies mean this afternoon. A brutally strong dev team from our own eco-breeding, top-level UX/UI creatives, conversion optimisers and information architects are not the new buzzwords on LinkedIn, but the team-up of all expertise to deliver state-of-the-art results.

No market-standard developers

Own eco-breeding instead of free-range chickens

We work in-house at max. No freelancers who disappear as soon as the cool, non-standard look is too complicated for technical realisation. No fluctuating quality because the team might have to familiarise itself with the process first. A tech team with tech standards outside the norm. Compared to our own training programme, standard market degrees are outdated.

key values

  • Conversion and audience optimised
  • GTmetrix Grade A
  • SEO ready

“Web developers don’t design websites. And car mechanics don’t design cars.”

Paul Schmidt Technical Lead

Awards that are not bought

We have won several international awards with our websites. The technical and UX standards of the most important web awards such as CSS Design Awards and Awwwards are the lower bar for us.

Now once again in order

With a wide range of technology and always ready for the championship, we rock the following for you, among other things:

  • Information architectures

    Sitemap planning, feature declaration, user journeys and content positions, UX analysis

  • Content management systeme

    Complete custom content management systems or WordPress perfectly customised to requirements with individual elements built by us for intuitive operation, Charcoal, Headless CMS, HubSpot & Co.

  • Development

    Technology-independent development, content management systems, GoLive, quality management, code base management, performance optimisation

  • Ecommerce

    Customised development, transformation and management with all common shop systems such as Shopify, Shopware, Magento, WooCommerce etc.

  • UI/UX design

    Best practice UI & UX design or development of entire design systems, validation, studies, concepts, user journeys

  • Wireframing

    Layout, design, animation, asset provision, web optimisation – in an efficient process with the latest sustainable technology

  • Content/copy

    Creation and editing of texts, advertising copy, image content, videos & final artwork, translations

  • Animation

    Low- to high-level animations with the full spectrum of technologies – Rive, WebGL, etc.

  • Infrastructure health monitoring

    Automated uptime, speed and functionality checks so that users don’t run into nothing

Medium, small, large

Passionate ideas and sophisticated output.

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